Diet malyshevoy

Diet malyshevoy
 The most effective and healthy diet, those who are not forced a temporary restriction in food or waiver of any products, but a way of life, formed and changed gradually. Of course, in the short term to change eating habits and forget about favorite, but harmful products, not given to everyone. Therefore, the main condition for successful change of course in the direction of health and beauty - it regularly.

Diet doctor and presenter Elena Malysheva just refers to those who are able to qualitatively change ingrained dietary habits, and without tremendous effort and willpower to the test. Diet is constructed in such a way that, adhering to it regularly, to keep fit, emotional, and physical activity, good health.

Malyshevoy diet can be called low-calorie (no more than 1200 calories a day), but observing it, people will not feel hungry and constantly thinking about food. Each of the five meals corresponds to its time, and it is desirable that these gaps is not shifted. So, breakfast should be at 8 am, two hours later - lunch at noon - lunch, afternoon snack - at 4 pm, and dinner - no later than 19 hours. Portions should be fractional, small.

Special schemes in the diet Helen malyshevoy not, except compulsory daily limit of 1,200 kcal. But this figure may vary depending on age, level of physical activity, sex and several other human factors. In addition, it is recommended to exclude or to use the minimum on a diet sugar, animal fats, salt, flour products, alcohol, potatoes, rice, beets. If hunger in the evening after all, there will then be allowed to drink after dinner cup of yogurt with zero fat.

For those who find it difficult to independently determine their own daily diet, we can recommend the following scheme:

- Breakfast at 8 am begins with a plate of porridge, filled with boiling water. Add it can be fresh berries, grated apple and one cup of yogurt (low-fat).
- From 10 to 12 hours of the day you can eat any fruit, such as kiwi, apple or mandarin.
- For lunch, choose to taste any protein product - two eggs, fish with green salad and herbs or lean meat.
- Afternoon snack similar to lunch: Eat a couple of favorite fruits.
- Not later than seven o'clock in the evening, dine light vegetable salad, eggs and low-fat yogurt.

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