Take care of your breasts in his youth

Take care of your breasts in his youth
 Doctors say that the recent breast cancer is becoming a big problem for women living in developed countries. Russia on this indicator is on the first position. Among all types of cancer is breast cancer in the lead in our country, involving at-risk those women whose age is approaching 40-45 years. But this disease gradually "younger" and is found already in those patients who are only 25.
 The causes of this disease include heredity. The risk of cancer is much higher for those ladies with a family, such cases have been observed. In addition, the cancer can be reborn running benign. Early menstruation, hormonal and gynecological diseases, serious injuries to the chest can also trigger cancer. Observed that those women who do not bear children or not to breastfeed, and patients often become cancer centers. And, of course, is not without negative environmental effects: bad environment and long-term or permanent stress.

There are cases where the disease was detected in a patient aged 15 years. So do not wait for maturity, should promptly begin annual preventive checkups mammalogy. In the case of breast cancer in the early stages of recovery percentage is sufficiently high - from 80 to 99%.

The bad news is that it is young women have accelerated tumor growth and metastasis, so it can develop within a few months. In diagnostic procedures, it can be seen even when tumor size is less than 1 cm. In the first stage, when the tumor size is not more than 5 cm, and are single metastases in the axillary region, physicians make every effort to keep the woman's breasts. When the first symptoms should immediately contact a doctor and agree to the operation. Remember that cancer is not treated conservatively and no dietary supplements are not a panacea for it, so the time to lose.

At the third stage of the disease, a radical surgery to remove the breast, at the 4th stage of the operation is not performed, but a woman's life can be prolonged for years, using methods such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. When the disease is not so terrible tumor itself, how those metastases that can hit any vital organ. But their growth can slow down. Doctors have learned to stop even those who are in the liver, and until recently were considered incurable.

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