Sea and sun within us

Sea and sun within us
 Summer! So you want to the sea, soak up the warm sun, plunge into the overlying soft waves and feel the gentle touch on the skin of the sea breeze. And what do you do if you work on the throat or simply do not now possible to get on a hot beach? Do not despair, you can still improve. Learn how to find internal resources and produce sea and sun in the vast concrete jungle.

The most important thing - it's your attitude. Even if you are sitting in the office from morning till night, and white light can not see it does not mean that the summer will pass. You go to work, when the sun had not yet risen, and come back when it has to sit down? No need to worry, because you can always please yourself and others a wonderful gentle tan if solarium. It is proved that the color of tanned skin makes people pleasant, and is strongly associated with rest and relaxation. Therefore, get rid of her pale complexion and body and become pale golden or just cream. Tan instantly lift your mood, improve the appearance and create the impression that the sun and the sea somewhere nearby.

Want to skin was soft and velvety as after swimming in this sea water? It's much easier than you might think. Just buy at the store or pharmacy natural sea salt and start taking her bath. This is good for the heart, blood vessels and small capillaries of your skin. Besides, really helps to restore the water and mineral balance, making your skins soft and velvety. And if in a bath drip a drop of iodine, then you get a real aromatherapy treatments. After all, the smell of the sea - an incomparable memory. Just close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on the beach.

Buy a CD with recordings of the noise of the surf and the cry of gulls. These compositions, by the way, can be easily downloaded from the Internet. You can listen anywhere, even at home, even at work, even in the car. The main thing is that these sounds are very good comfort, give the tone of the nervous system and set you on the right way. Of course, this is not a sea, but when you start to listen to the sounds of waves, you are transported in time to where you were good and comfortable. This music is ideal for meditation and relaxation after a hard day's work. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to make a piece of the sea in your city life.

Incidentally, such a thing as visualization, has not been canceled. As long as you imagine yourself surrounded by seawater spa sun and beautiful beaches, this is not only exists in your imagination, but also actively approaching a reality. How? It's very simple. Their thoughts and positive emotions you bring the events you need, making them real for yourself. So who knows, maybe you'll kill two birds at once - lift your spirits in the universe and order a trip to the sea in the near future.

And remember that the sea and the sun are within us, you only need to be able to extract them out.

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