Portrait of a perfect man

Portrait of a perfect man
 Many little girls dream of a prince on a white horse who will take away his chosen in a nice cozy house and will love her tenderly and faithfully until his death. However, growing up, women often choose not to tender and ears in love fans, and persistent and arrogant guys. What is he, a female ideal man?

The fact that subconsciously the fair sex are on call natural instinct that makes us look for the best male leader. That is why the tough character, ambition and even the leader of some aggressive perceived as masculine traits.

On the other hand the ideal man, drawn female imagination, rarely has such qualities. Of course, an imaginary hero confident enough to take responsibility for his woman and be able to solve all the problems that will meet on the path of life vlyublennyh.Priroda and female fantasy awarded his strong shoulders and a broad back, so its a great half can hide behind a powerful torso as for the wall of any adversity.

The Perfect Man has a great sense of humor, he - the soul of any company. However, despite the enormous success with women, forever in love with his wife. And nothing can make him deviate from the right path. Surrounding women can only bite your elbows and silently envy.

In addition, a man claiming to be perfect, to be successful in the professional field. In such an extent as to be able to provide his family a comfortable life. He has no financial problems, because the high and stable salary covers everything costs.

An important quality of male dreams - impeccable taste and ability to behave. His women never have to blush, listening to your favorite sounds delicious little issues, eating salad in a restaurant. He gallant and raised, is able to look beautiful, to say nice words, and often presents unexpected surprises.

However, remember that the perfect man will only fit the ideal woman. Yes, the very elegant lady with parameters 90-60-60, blue eyes and dark skin. Which is a good cook, never refuses to have sex and I am glad when a man spends a day (or even two) having fun with friends - after a good rest no one has hurt. Therefore, the value in their favorite real men not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

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