Love for all ages

Love for all ages
 Of course, love for all ages, and every woman in mind there are a few examples of how someone from acquaintances, friends or relatives found in the elderly age happiness. But many people who have not yet acquired half, and feel that over the years it will be increasingly difficult to do so, slowly losing faith in Pushkin's famous statement. So if the ages are submissive to love in real life?

First love remains in the memory forever. The first kiss, the first romance ... But it rarely develops into a serious relationship. With age, a person begins calmly to all the senses, and this property has both positive and negative sides. Of course, people do not rush headlong into the maelstrom of passion, but you have an understanding of what is the real relationship that need you.

The problem is finding a partner for those over 40, in the first place - the psychological. Many women believe that men like only young. Thinking in this way, they begin to fear experiencing stress and neuroses. But what to say, unmarried lady often after reaching 30 years of age begin to panic.

Where are these beliefs and complexes? Often the problem is hidden in education. The stereotypical image of an old maid living in almost every woman's head, scaring her like a monster from fairy tales. But in today's world, women in the first pay period education and career, and then securing a normal income, a family. Naturally, the average age at which they marry, moved away for several years. The problem remains the same, there are also many women who have experienced divorce. They believe that no longer needed, divorced, middle-aged, with children. All this is false.

If this applies to you, do you think that the risk to remain a spinster or find a partner, surpassing the threshold of maturity, work on your thoughts. Realize that you - adult, strong and confident person. You live your life, you have your own interests and friends, you do not deny yourself hobbies, you formed personality. Understand that people meet and fall in love at any age. Someone fortune smiled at 18, and for someone mature age will be a time to meet your soul mate.

In any case, the relationship can only build and mature adults. Children's complexes and fears, gleaned from the stereotypical public opinion - this is not a sign of a mature personality.

Keep young souls. Be open to new meetings, new people. Find a great love at any age - most importantly, be ready for it. Do not limit your social circle, engaged in hobbies, be in life in its place. And then, looking around, you will notice that in the surrounding areas there are people who are very close to you.

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