Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal
 Not every modern woman can get "indecent proposal" million dollar following the example of the heroine of the Hollywood film of the same name, but by a much more offensive antics, alas, not insured by any one of them. And no matter what kind of obscenity may sound, its disgusting taste, from which there is no antidote, may stay for a long time.

Unfortunately, the only advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of abusive inherently proposals, of course not. However, the correct behavior, lack of inappropriate flirting, as well as excessive familiarity can be a guarantee of respect for his person from the very first minutes of the meeting. And this does not mean that to get rid of obscenity should assume an air of unassailable and stiffness of the Snow Queen. Just be aware of a clear distinction between a friendly and familiarity, kindness and excessive coquetry that will help not only in the peak of the situation, but the whole of life in society, as too frivolous behavior may be regarded by some people as a provocation for such insults. And calling the opponent's too personal and ambiguous conversation, full of hints and frankly erotic raid, then you should not complain about his indelicacy.

The hardest part, getting some unambiguous proposal violates the dignity, maintain his composure and did not give a splash just anger and resentment. Despite the frank negative, such a violent reaction can only please insolent, who, as they say, his antics got to the point vulnerable deeply and thoroughly. Cold sarcasm, contempt, and the marginal reserve will be much better punishment for gratuitous insult.

It is noteworthy that the majority of women do not hurt very indecent proposal, and the fact that they were considered suitable candidates for this. And perhaps not so stupid to try to analyze the situation and try to find out why their person found "worthy" for such inappropriate and dishonorable relations. However, the undeserved insult should move with dignity, being assured that the time will soon allow thoughtful erase from memory unpleasant episodes.

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