How to keep a man nearby

How to keep a man nearby
 No pair, even the most loving and prosperous, alas, is not immune to misunderstandings, quarrels, rupture of relations. Since historically the role of homemaker reserved for women, it is from it largely depends on whether the beloved man next to her for years. So what does a woman have to do, how to behave in order to keep a man? And, accordingly, that it should be avoided?
 First of all, the woman should be clearly understood: her beloved is not only the advantages, but also disadvantages. He is far from ideal. But she is not perfect. Therefore, we must try to see in partner only good quality, but the downside condescending. If something very annoying - you can talk this over with your partner, but gently, avoiding categorical, intolerant tone.

A woman should remember: the vast majority of men just hate the most categorical tone. As well as petty, nanny. It happens that the loving wife of the most well-intentioned attempts to do so that the wife was cozy and comfortable. And she does not notice, as crossing the border, literally begins to "strangle" the husband of care, putting him in an awkward position in front of other people. Fortress of family ties is hardly contribute. Remember the old, wise truth: everything is good in moderation! You - a wife, not a nurse, and your faithful - adult, independent man, not an unreasonable child.

Try to refrain from tears, strong emotions. In no case can not bump into hysterics. This is the surest way to bring a man in anger, bordering on rage. Of course, in life anything can happen. It happens that even the most calm, self-possessed woman from fallen on her experiences, trouble may be on edge. In this case, it is better to cry in a purely female company - on the shoulder of friends, for example. The husband should not have any thoughts: "My wife - hysterical." On the contrary, he should be proud of its discretion and delay.

That her husband after work quickly sought to be home, family "nest" must be clean, cozy and comfortable. Of course, no matter can not be brought to the fanaticism of the absurd. House - still not operational. But the required minimum cleanliness and order it must be maintained. This is - a prerequisite. As the presence of a delicious meal. Of course, not every woman knows how to cook at the level of a professional chef, but at least the basics of cooking master necessary.

Remember that marriage - the art of compromise. Do not try to always insist on their point of view, even if you are absolutely sure of being right. Sometime need and yield. And even better - delicately and skillfully inspire husband thought that it was his own decision. Remember the wise saying: "A clever wife - her husband, Mrs.".

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