Forgive and let go

Forgive and let go
 It is impossible to live forever with the offense, it grows like a poisonous weed, criss-crossing his soul tenacious roots. Some years are cherished and nurtured his offense, not letting myself calm, not letting go any further. Even if you have experienced a severe disappointment and the collapse of their hopes, we must find the strength to see it through, to drink to the bottom and let this condition.

Women often can not forgive the men who changed them that they had been abandoned. For years, they remember his humiliation, pain and wounded pride. But in this case, they again and again, as in the bad infinity, live this scenario, where they assigned to such a pathetic how they think the role. They are living, feeling abandoned, wounded, as if all their value was in the presence of this man. They unconsciously perceive themselves as an object on which the action was made, and in all their fury - resign themselves to this situation. Often this deep resentment prevents unforgiven go further, to build other relationships and even be happy. Women subconsciously waiting and fear of new offenses, interpreting any external action is not in their favor.

Sometimes driven inwards by this offense can even develop the disease - from cancer to obesity. Necessary to make an audit of his soul, no matter how lofty it sounds. Think of a man who had gone out of your life. Maybe it's a good thing that he is no longer around, maybe you actually easier without these relationships, and most of all you are not satisfied that you have neglected? Even if you still love him, think about where the hell could turn your life with someone who does not appreciate you. Would you like to be weights, which does not give leave or rest? Probably not. So thank him for what he has delivered you from the horror! Thank and sorry!

If he loved another, try not to take it as an action against you. After all, sometimes we have no control over his senses - your husband or man just fell in love, he did not want to offend you that perhaps he himself suffered in this situation. Who is to blame for the love! Just thank him mentally for the relationships that once you release the bound and in his heart.

Well, if it really struck a cruel insult you, then regret it and rejoice that you get rid of a man who could be so dishonest or cruel. Pity (because he was living with him so) and forget. If you have experienced all that he caused you, you deserve to life may be full of love and joy.

Do not store the goods with an offense, rasstantes with them, and you will notice how much easier it has become your life!

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