Come back, I forgive you! Is it worth it?

Come back, I forgive you! Is it worth it?
 When a man goes - it does not matter to another woman, to the parents or returns to the bachelor apartment - it goes away from you. And your job is in any case not catch it, do not try to return, humiliated and confident in his infinite love, and stood in the doorway and think: is it worth it? And if there is, what is to be done?
 A man can be a thousand times wrong, moving away from you. He may be lazy, selfish, even an alcoholic in the end. It can be annoying, overly intrusive, boring, etc. But everyone has the right to choose to live there and to those with whom he wants. Therefore, as you would any bitter and hard after your man left you, you have to respect his right to choose.

That may affect the choice of such men? The simple answer - that he no longer loves you. But in life there are no easy answers, and love (real) and dislike (genuine) do not occur immediately. Sometimes people are arguing for years, threatened and, to be honest, cheating. But if between them remains a spark of love (and true love can endure even the most terrible betrayal), never too late to start over. But if it's really dislike, tortured years of quarrels, reconciliations, again quarrels, separations and subsequent meetings - then nothing can be done. Neither psychics nor psychologists, neither parents nor children can not even help to regain lost feelings.

Remember, because of what began your argument? Here it does not matter who was right and who is wrong: the quarrel in any case - a lot of stress - both physically and psychologically. "Lovely curse - just amuse" - this has to popular approval, of course, some truth. But to a certain point. As long as a man and a woman is really nice to each other. Therefore making an argument almost a daily discharge for inflated per day for various reasons, nerves, loving great risk. Any little thing for these people can be a cause for the next trial. This does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to the obvious shortcomings on the part of the partner, but also "saw" him for days on end because he is wrong - at least unwise, since it is also psychological torture, at times even sophisticated. And from butchers and torture chambers of the people having the right to choose, usually flee.

 There is another extreme. When a woman is subject to man so that he ceases to respect it. But respect - this is the main component of love. If you have years of silence demolished all nitpicking men suffered abuse from him and even beatings, it is not surprising that he left you because you have become so uninteresting to him that he had even stopped getting the slightest pleasure, mocking you. Naturally, it is not a pathological cases, and domestic violence.

So before you run for a man and begged him to return, promising to change, correct any errors, itself raise a son, plant a tree and build a house, make an effort and try just a little change. This must be done by all means, if you really want to get your man back to you - intelligent, kind, gentle - a real woman.

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