Always remain a favorite

Always remain a favorite
 How ever win the heart of a loved one? Sooner or later, this question asks himself every woman. Because of the variability of male nature, boring polygamy and increased interest of the stronger sex to new impressions knows every girl. Save the love and trust - a complex task that requires constant work on the relationship.

Be attentive to their interests. Even if you know nothing about computers, machines or ice fishing, be prepared to listen attentively to a long monologue, half of the words in which you will not understand. In no case do not interrupt a man who talks about his hobbies, as he shares with you the most secret. Do not hesitate to ask questions - a sincere interest in seeing a man imbued with you even more tender feelings.

Leave a bit of personal space. Myself and him. In the first months of the novel lovers try to carry out a number of every minute. But over time, the feelings become more smooth, and partners are reminded of their own interests and friends. This is absolutely normal development. However, many women are so dissolved in a loved one that is not interested in anything other than relationship. Men are rarely willing to completely abandon the "personal" life not related to the family. So back to the old hobby or try something new, meet with friends, or sign up for a dance in the gym - all this will allow you to become much more interesting and attractive to men.

Do not forget about gratitude. Try to analyze their behavior in relation to the partner. If you grumble about everything: not made garbage tossed socks under the bed, I forgot to wash the dishes, it is not surprising that men desire to help you in everyday life disappear right before your eyes. Wait he thanks for clean plates hammered a nail without reminders or even brought home a paycheck? Remember that men and children are very sensitive to praise and criticism painfully. So try to communicate in your "gingerbread" was much more than the "stick".

Be sensual. Not only happy to respond to his caresses, but also take the initiative. Throw out old robe and shed clothes. Beautiful house dress and fishnet panties (or lack thereof) will drive crazy anyone.

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