7 models distorted sexual behavior

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 People tend to bring in their behavior on new meaning. Often, it distorts the perception of the real world. Did not escape these distortions and sex. Patterns of sexual behavior are often a reflection of the wrong attitude to life.

Sex as a commodity
For many, sex is a commodity or a powerful tool to achieve any benefit, or even the method of promotion. Most often, this behavior is typical for women, and not only for those who sell themselves for money, but also those who use sex as a means of manipulation. Sex they achieve what they want from men - from a new coat to a new increase in the workplace. The family of a woman with such a pattern of behavior may punish "guilty" man, denying him the intimacy, sex or reward, if he got what they wanted.

Sex as a duty
So perceive sex people who he did not particularly necessary and important, but who believe that they have to deal with them for many reasons. For example, because "everyone does it" because they are married, because it's so good for your health, because it's time to have children. Typically, these people do not get any pleasure from sex and be well treated without it.

Sex as a defense
For some characteristically use sex as a way to keep a partner. This sin, both women and men. Women, taught by glossy magazines, which insists that only sophisticated and frequent sex can keep a man, trying to be the queen of sex. The fear that her husband or beloved man can go to another, more relaxed and skillful, makes women simply go for partners. Men, too, are convinced that only if they are on a daily basis will prove that they are macho, then women will not change them, and they are not gone.

Sex as a substitute for love
For many sex - is a surrogate warm and trusting relationships, love, and even the family hearth. For people living on this sexy model, the number of partners is a replacement for love. Often this intimofoby not ready to build a relationship of trust and sexual intimacy for them - the highest on which they are capable. For them, the number of sexual partners replaces the quality of a strong relationship and love.

Sex as a feat
For some important not sex itself, and how many orgasms they have received and presented. This affects both men and women. From the side it seems that if they are competing with someone. And they actually compete, sex for them - a feat in which the winner of the most partners, most sex, most orgasms.

Sex as support for feelings of self-worth
For some aging men and women having more young partner elevates them in their own eyes. "I still hoo" - they think about themselves, setting the stage for young lovers. Experiencing similar feelings and those for whom sex is important with celebrities, or with other men's wives, husbands, or superiors. For such people, sex is just a way to feel important.

Sex as a consolation
For some people, sex is the consolation. As for someone meal. Such people are pleased with himself during his pleasure as a way to escape from the troubles, forget about problems. For them, sometimes not important partner, the main thing - sex itself.

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