10 qualities of women, with the owner of which can result in serious relationships

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 All are chasing an ideal relationship. Men in this regard is no exception. They also would not mind to meet life partner for the creation and development of a serious relationship.

There are certain qualities that men value most in women and who would like to see in your life partner. But these Top 10 qualities with which the owners of the potential for serious relationship:

1. Independence and autonomy. Man is obligated to protect and take care of his woman, but it should not always whining and throwing in the towel. Much more interesting to talk with a woman who was held and morally, as a person, and financially.

2. Respect for him. The foundation of any healthy relationship should be mutual. A woman must reckon with his opinion and in no way not to humiliate publicly, rolling scenes and senseless hysteria. All issues can be resolved peacefully at home.

3. Mind. Yes, cute pacifier - it's very funny, but not for a serious relationship. Go out, she should be able to support virtually any conversation conversation, and a man a woman does not get bored - it can always something to surprise.

4. Attractiveness. It should not be "Miss World". Look well-groomed and neatly should every woman that he did not hide her home for seven locks like a frog-princess.

5. Sexuality. Men need to be with her is interesting not only for exhibition or some event, but also in bed. He must want her always and everywhere, because sex - it's an integral part of a serious relationship.

6. No accusations and comments. Smart woman will never reproach a man that he scattered socks in the apartment or not throw garbage. This senseless shaking of the air. It is necessary not to blame, but the sly "train" as you need.

7. The ability to be a man. It should not act on the principle of "I myself," Do not walk on the football or meet with friends. We must remember that thing in a relationship - man. And people have different interests, and everyone has a right to personal space.

8. The ability to communicate with others. It must be sweet and polite with their parents and friends. For men means a lot that will tell his mother or best friend on the beloved - by more visible advantages and disadvantages.

9. Love to him. It does not attempt to alter her man, always glad to see him and hear, never gives up unexpected or unplanned meeting. In general, in her eyes light up at the sight of a mischievous twinkle him.

10. It makes it better. Just next to it, and he wants to do good deeds. He became softer and judiciously. And now, if he is guilty of something, he admits his guilt and always apologizing. She inspires and perfects it.

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