Types of men to whom women can not resist

Types of men to whom women can not resist
 On that first of all pay attention to women when meeting with a man? Common for all the right to withdraw difficult. One needs a hunk with a sports figure. Another - educated, intelligent, confident. Some are only interested in the number of banknotes and stamp machines. And any of these classifications has a right to exist, because every woman - their preferences.

The first type of men, which is to say - "Otherworldly". Many women, especially those who are interested in the cultures of other countries, admired by foreigners. But to the "unearthly" can be attributed not only to foreigners, but in general many visitors and local, as such.

Foreigners and visitors see the world differently. This does not mean that they see or understand more, but they can a woman to discover new horizons, learn a new life. Visiting men may have unusual habits, exotic appearance, mesmerizing accent. And inevitably becomes a symbol of new life, a new world for women. That is why they can not resist such partners.

Another type of men who like women - "Eternal Love". These bring to every meeting a bouquet of flowers, give candy, invite to the movies. And it does not depend on how long lasting relationship. Such a man can write poetry inspired message of his beloved even after the wedding. There are women who have this kind of relationship is very pleasant.

"Wrong Guys." These men are the dream of many women because they know how to break the rules and do not live like everyone else. They are easy to take a spontaneous trip. Drop everything for the sake of freedom and love. Such men often passionate about the sea, mountains, hiking, motorcycles.

And many women like the spirit of freedom and romantic rebellion inherent in such men. Often these people are talented in something. For example, can sing a song with a guitar or a wonderful cook dinner. Women throw themselves into such a relationship, not thinking about anything, forgetting himself.

"Intellectual". Such a man is able to captivate an interesting conversation with any woman. He was witty, has a good sense of humor, diversify. Nice woman in the company of educated, educated men. This type of men she forgives even the lack of a large amount of money. Women are attracted to his upbringing, the ability to be a gentleman.

"A successful man." Everyone understands success in their own way. But self-confident, able to overcome the complexity of life a man can not be attractive. He is able to provide for themselves and their woman. And the only life he has made his intelligence and labor. Next to a man held a woman feels like a stone wall. She and most want to grow and be successful.

Any classification is only partly true. The best type is the mixed type. And any "intellectual" can combine the quality of the "wrong guy" or "eternal love." In any case, why a woman chooses one or another man - not so important. More importantly, why it remains with him.

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