Metrosexuals: who are they?

Metrosexuals: who are they?
 In this century, the vocabulary of modern man was enriched with new terms. In particular, among them there was a neologism "metrosexual." Under this definition were men who love to take care of their appearance and many women do not disdain the means to restore the veneer.

The term "metrosexual" humanity owes a British journalist Mark Simpson. In 1994, he called it the epithet new breed of male heterosexuals who live in big cities and are frequent customers gyms and beauty salons.

Such men do not just love and know how to take care of their own appearance, but also well versed in varnishes, perfumes, clothing brand, and so on. N.

Metroseksualizma roots extend into the thick of show business. From there, in fact, public people "planted" a strong half of mankind a new fashion - hard to look after themselves. Icons such movement can be considered as the world-famous footballer David Beckham, actors Jude Law and Brad Pitt. No sooner had David Beckham to appear in public with painted eyelashes and hair nalakirovannoy as crowds began to duplicate his style in the slightest nuances. Along with extravagant outfits and pink manicure.

In fact, the metrosexual - a modern dandy. But it has some differences from a well-groomed and stylishly dressed man. Firstly, metrosexuality implies not only outside - that is, the human form itself, but also the inside - his emotional response. Metrosexual will not just be to monitor the purity and the shape of their nails, it will cover them with varnish, in addition metrosexuals are more open in expressing their emotions. They do not like rigid explanation of the relationship and do not believe that a man is decorated with scars.

Praoobrazom metrosexual can be considered a British dandy. These London dandies also differed special glamor and elegance of dress. The cause of such a social phenomenon as metrosexuality considered changing social roles in society. Women are increasingly penetrating into male territory, the man, in turn, tries to learn something of their lives weak half of humanity.

Whatever it was, but metrosexuality has its advantages. Especially for the market of cosmetic industry, the impact of which has now spread not only women but also men. And see yourself near a neat and well-groomed man is always nice.

Often confused with the metrosexual male sexual orientation. This is not quite correct interpretation of the concept of "metrosexuality". By metrosexuals now accepted to all men, regardless of their sexual orientation, who follow a regular manicures and pedicures, style your hair, and do not hesitate to sensitivity of his character.

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