How to find a topic of conversation with a girl on a first date

How to find a topic of conversation with a girl on a first date
 First date - it's always exciting. Of course, if you have an old bird and dog ate this case, then you all on the shoulder. But suppose you are not one of them that the girl you really like and you overcame its somewhere now involved timidity, invited her somewhere. Here it is necessary not to frighten girl to make it was interesting ... That's is the main difficulty.

If you ask a girl out on a date, it is likely, at least a little, but you know it. Remember where you meet (in the park, in the theater, at work): this may be the key to its interests. Well, if you connects some joint activity: you work or study in one place, it is often in the same nightclub, walk together on some courses and so on. In this case, you will be able to discuss some features of this activity, the problems encountered once. But do not get carried away much topics such as discussing the weather.

During the bye, moving away from the common themes, gradually begin to grope other items for discussion, while studying the nature of women. Be careful and always keep in reserve relevant (certainly appropriate!) Joke to brighten up when the case arose dispel confusion and silence. Make her smile, her position to her, and she, in turn, will be more understanding treat you. She will understand that you - a man who can lead the conversation.

Do not press down on the girl, if you see that your constant chatter of its tires. There is nothing worse than an empty pass for a chatterbox. May be such that the girl is the type of people who are willing to listen to the interlocutor, having no desire to speak at the same time. Then your chatter should be informative, interesting and pretty sensible powdered with humor. But it may be true that a girl could not close his mouth and vereschit about things completely foreign. Here, you really would not become a blame himself, talking nonsense on the first date.

In general, be careful as to the topics of conversation, and with humor. And remember: do not pass on personal topics at once (especially if the girl you little known), even better to postpone them for future meetings.

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