Sex. Yoga. Love

Sex. Yoga. Love
 Yoga now, practically all: both children and adults, and slimming, and pregnant women, and even drug addicts and alcoholics undergoing rehabilitation. If you are too hard practicing yoga, you will find useful that it can deal with not only alone, but also as a couple. And not with someone else, but with a loved one. What, you have not heard of steamy yoga? Then you should definitely try it!

The fact that yoga can and should engage with your close person, the ancient Hindus have guessed long ago. In fact, everything is very simple. All asanas are intended to energy flows in your body flowing smoothly and in the right direction, and the general course of yoga gives a person not only flexibility but also helps to restore energy balance and compensate for the loss of missing energy. And replenish energy and a person can communicate with another person. If we are talking about a man and a woman, the best way for such an exchange between them is, of course, sex. But also by ordinary yoga classes pair can achieve a good result.

Choose a partner to yoga can be based on various considerations. Best of all, of course, deal with it with your sexual partner. In this case, the effect of exercise is the most complete, because you have become accustomed to exchange energy during lovemaking! By the way, these practices are quite capable to bring to your relationship true harmony and joy. After all, sex - the process is so intimate that it is often even close friends can not fully liberated, engaging them. Hence omissions and possible dissatisfaction. A pair yoga partners can easily restore lost contact while maintaining balance their energies and achieving harmony. Often, exchanging energy so couples go to a new level of relations. Energy circulates between them without any problems, they learn to support and help each other and become one whole particles.

And when your energy is harmonized, sex turn into pleasure. What you experienced before any comparison is not with the fact that you can feel, starting joint yoga classes. Bodily closeness partners goes perfectly on a different level, and spiritual closeness with each passing day increases. Even if you think that yoga in a pair of absolutely nothing new you do not give, you're wrong. Just as long as you still can not feel it.

The effect of this practice is, even if you do not pass it to your loved ones, but with a completely stranger. Nobody says that in such pairs passion erupts and people take a yoga together in the common room, be sure to want to have sex after the end of the session. Just combine these practices and help you recover the missing energy due to exchange with their partner. Often, by the way, due to the lack of people in the group, the trainer combines a pair of two women or two men, and there is nothing unnatural.

Try to do yoga together, and soon you will notice how your relationship has changed, enrich your sex and improved mood. Steam yoga - not just training, it is a way to strengthen your love, feel a stronger connection and make your life more interesting and rich.

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