Language to bring sex

Language to bring sex
 How difficult it is - to say the man about how exactly you want to make love to him. Usually in such cases the initiative displayed by representatives of the stronger sex. But what do you do if you want, and say it well, very hard? Often, women talk about sex, even with a partner who trust, heavy and unpleasant. Learn to talk about the most intimate.

It happens that the partners simply can not overcome the barrier and begin intimate conversation. Woman think she will look silly or immodest, but a man can not just guess that his favorite is something disturbing. Tip for the most modest and shy girls - write letters. This may seem silly or kindergarten, but a grain of truth in this. Best of all, of course, have a dialogue. If you find it difficult to ask any questions directly, looking at the man in the eye, use the Internet: social networks, ICQ, or just write about what you're interested in and send it by e-mail. Ice between you thus will crack, and the man may understand that it is possible to start a conversation about sex and eye to eye.

As for the initiative to have sex, there's a man for a long time do not need to persuade. Often enough non-verbal cues to direct the thoughts of your elect in the right direction. So do not think that the phrase "Let's have sex" should say it was a woman. You can not say anything, but just think about it, as a man, if he is not the last slowpoke, he very quickly all guess.

But what to do if you have sex, and already quite a long time, and some of the actions of men in bed you are not very satisfied? How to inform, not to offend? Because you can accidentally blurt out something like this, that a man will perceive as criticism at his own expense, and criticism in bed, as you know, is very painful for men. To begin understand themselves, what are you so passionately want and what you do not want at all. If you do not know this, but just want things to be different, hardly comes of any sense. If you want to make you well, you know exactly what to do for this man and tell him about it. Believe me, there's nothing worse than a vague instructions.

Speak best to sex or after, but, in any case, not at the time. You can, of course, suggest any position or to say a couple of gentle and passionate phrases, but no more. During lovemaking men are not able to listen to women's argument, moreover, if the partner starts a lot of talking, a man can take it as a personal insult. If she is able to think about something, then he does something not very good. But after all is over and you are both relaxed and lying down resting, the best time to call. You can suggest any idea for next time, or say how you liked the most.

The most important rule in such conversations - not to criticize. Even if you do not like something, and you want to stop the man to do it, do not just say, "I hate it when you do that" or "I do not like it when you keep ..." It is better to dilute your remark sensible proposal, then instead of criticizing you send your man in the right direction and do not hurt his self-esteem.

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