Excessive sex: "pros" and "cons"

Excessive sex: "pros" and "cons"
 Men love to brag to each other their sexual exploits. And the society in every way they indulge. Will there be a quiet family man hero of the day? No. They will be a man, me, a woman like a glove. But is it good excessive sex, as it seems at first sight?

Sex - an important part of our lives, and doing them regularly, you will not only enjoy, but also to avoid a lot of trouble.

First, sex - a great workout for the heart and a great stress prevention, coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.

Secondly, as a result of abstinence in men having problems with ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, increased likelihood of developing prostate. Women also appear psychological problems (eg aggression directed at themselves and others).

There is a good phrase, "If too many sweet, and may vomit." With sex exactly the same situation.

Couples, long time did not get out of bed one day may find themselves with no means perfect sores. Women - microtrauma mucosa, muscle strain of the vagina; genital lips wrinkles and cracks appear. The men from the constant friction can suffer head of the penis and bridle.
There are several ways to get rid of these ailments. You can treat them when they have already appeared. But it is much nicer to be shared shower and a long prelude to sex. And try not to forget in a hurry about lubricants.

By the way, for couples who practice anal sex, gels and lubricants are particularly important. There is hardly a woman who like variety and tension cracks that have appeared as a result of incompetent actions of the partner. Especially, in the long term, these injuries can cause cancer. (And do not combine with vaginal anal sex, this kind of fun can also cause a variety of diseases.)

Besides physiological problems, psychological problems exist. With abundant sexuality testosterone levels increased only in women. In men, by contrast, the amount of testosterone in the blood becomes smaller. This leads to irritability, depressed mood, apathy, scattering, etc.

In general, the conclusion is obvious: for the amount not worth chasing.

Regular sex - yes! Excessive - no!

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