On the sexual preferences of men

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 Men more often than women say about their desires and preferences in sexual life. But sometimes the stories and answers partners so veiled that not every woman will be able to understand them. So what he wants and what excited the stronger sex? Let us, with the help of doctors, sexologists and anonymous surveys, take a look at what "gets" the majority of men.

Surveys show that a large number of men "Plant" from striptease, petting and emotional sighs partner during sex. The main thing is that their preferences are consistent with women's desires. And there's nothing sverhekstremalnogo and superekstravagantnogo.

 Striptease. In the vastness of our country lies a lot of strip clubs, and it says the demand striptease. And if men are so fond of looking at women undress, why not give them that opportunity. The most important thing - to learn how to do it and beautifully.

 Slow petting. It turns out that men refute the myth of man's neglect and selfishness. They also love foreplay and are ready to give them up to 30 minutes or more. Most of all they like to shoot kisses and caresses with his partner clothing, slowly bringing it to this ecstasy. And fans of fast sex is not so much - 7%.

 One of the main indicators of sexuality, in the opinion of men who are groaning and sighing women. And the force of erotic-sighs partner is directly proportional to the male. Men prefer to hear the screams and obscenities than watching "partisan" silent woman during sex.

 Middle managers became porn, kissing, oral sex and posture, the woman from the side or from above.

 Kisses. Women know that men do not pay attention kisses. Peasants do not understand women's attachment to this kind of pleasure. For many of the fair sex kisses are more important than sex. Men, it turns out, is not against women pamper their ability to gently and kiss passionately, but asked not to exclude sexual intercourse.

 Porn. Watch the video of this content is likely to men just warmed his excitement. But some viewing porn in order to diversify their sex life. Do not be surprised and do not be embarrassed if you ever partner to offer or make something new and indecent, or ask you about it.

 Poses. Here, of course, everyone has their own preferences. Approximately 30% of men had a passion for posture when they back or when the lady above. They do not like when things happen in the dark or in bright light. Not bad, if you light a candle or nightlight, giving a soft, subdued light.

 Oral sex. Preference is given to oral sex 35% of men. 67% of the traditional sex, but with the condition will certainly present oral sex.

 And the smallest number of men excite talk during sex, shyness partner and sex in the afternoon.

 Conversations. Spoil a love chat conversations can be a lot of women. It brings men into a frenzy. In the worst possible moment a woman can suddenly announce that soon comes to visit her mother or that she bought new boots. In fact, men do not mind listening to the arguments and news, but only after sex.

 Daily sex. According to sexologists the best time for sex life of 15-16 hours. But "roll out" sex in the afternoon is difficult not only women but also the stronger sex. Evening sex holds the leading position (60%), morning - 30%. Most people work during the day. This is an extremely complicated implementing the recommendation of doctors sexologists.

 Shyness women. Men do not mind the desire to satisfy his partner. Simply, they should make it clear what he wants, this is the partner. Taking into account women's shyness and modesty, the men agree to simple hints. It is necessary to take and send it to hand at the right place for you. What to do next he will understand.

 And finally, do not be amiss to know what dreams stronger sex. About threesome thinks 64% of men. The only difference is who plays the role of a third person (a friend, a stripper, a random counter, etc.). 26% dream of being handcuffed or tied (fewer men would contact his partner). And almost all the guys want to hear from women's lips indecent proposals to make love.

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