Jealous man: what to do?

Jealous man: what to do?
 Jealous - it means love? But is it really? On the one hand, when jealousy appears infrequently, it can be a pleasant, warm up your senses, and means that you do not care about the man. But on the other hand, when a person shows jealousy with or without him, and it appears quite rapidly, it can not begin to irritate. What to do in this case? How to deal with a jealous man?

The reasons for the manifestation of jealousy can think all you want, and do not necessarily it must be directed at another man. You can be jealous to children for success in his career, to the popularity of other people. It can also be manifested in different ways. Someone quietly express their grievances, and someone there is an explosion of feelings and emotions that overshadow common sense. In this state, a man can tell a story and make some of this, as he will later regret. And at this moment feels a woman? Especially if the reason for jealousy is negligible or none at all. Therefore, the manifestation of this sense of ownership must and can fight.

Before attempting to deal with a jealous man, try to determine the cause of jealousy. Maybe he just did not have enough of your attention. You most of his time to work, the children, but not him. In this case, leave the children to grandmothers or nannies, and themselves go to the cafe, cinema or arrange an unforgettable romantic evening. And in everyday life, too, do not forget about your man interested in his affairs at work, his hobbies. Gradually, you will see a row over his jealousy disappeared from your family life, because the causes of them ceased to exist.

If your partner is jealous of you to other men, try to evaluate their behavior on the part. Perhaps you, without even noticing, give your loved one a reason. Friendly welcoming smile toward familiar to you, most likely, does not mean anything, but maybe your partner perceives it in a completely different way (as flirting). Or perhaps you dress too openly, it can also cause jealousy. In this case, the way to deal with jealousy only one. Not to provoke her man. Try to behave in a more restrained, pick another wardrobe, try to find some compromise that will satisfy both you and your loved one.

Jealousy may be associated with the uncertainty in the men themselves. So you need to help him raise their self-esteem and believe in themselves. To do this, praise him and encourage all his actions, admired him, shows that you need it. Just do not overdo it, so you do not have to struggle with his high self-esteem.

Sometimes a man is jealous because he is guilty. Then you have to decide for yourself whether you want to know the truth or not. And if you want that then you will be doing. It is easier, of course, to disperse, but will if you exit the happiness and satisfaction. Is it possible to make a loved one had no reason to look to the side. Change ourselves: change the hairstyle, wardrobe, work out, become more interesting. Just be prepared for the fact that in this case, your man will have other reasons to be jealous.

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