How to tell a guy what he wants

How to tell a guy what he wants
 Relationships - is a complicated and often neponyatnaya.Tem more when it comes to the relationship between the sexes. How to understand what he wants, if he does not say, and learning to read between the lines?
 We must always remember that man first of all need support and understanding. They are able to carefully hide their emotions and are unlikely to be before you pour soul. Of course, the situation may be different, but this is more the exception than the rule. If your life has come a Man series of failures, he comes and says that he has all bad. But this can be understood by his behavior, by apathy, reluctance to do something. If no result in any sphere of life in men often give up and they need someone who will again believe in themselves and continue driving.

But do not completely trust the words in all men. The most important indicator of its relationship to you and to life - it is his actions. And if you are having any issues with respect to the elect, it is not necessary to guess, and wait until he is about something you tell. The best means of understanding each other - it is a direct and open dialogue. And even in this case do not need to beat around the bush. Men - being straight and slow-witted. And often, they can not understand what they want from their women, so something does not do at all, but doing something completely wrong. And not because they do not like or do not want to give you pleasure, but because you do not really understand correctly.

Man - the head of the family and he was responsible. This common understanding of the device family hearth. But in fact, the responsibility lies on the fragile shoulders of women. That she needs to learn to be wise, considerate, sensitive and strong. To understand a man, to him more often need to be treated as a naughty child who needs care and love. When he feels the support and the fact that it is appreciated and loved, he will open in their desires, goals, and love for you. The most important thing - to exercise patience and fidelity in a relationship.

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