How to become a woman, to which a man will never go away

How to become a woman, to which a man will never go away
 The ideal wife, lover, mother, friend - how easy is it to follow this way? Be cherished, irreplaceable, enchanting daily and hourly to the beloved even could not think about how to turn your head the other way, it seems unreal. Just do not believe in and sit idly by - always easy, but take the first step and formulate the problem - it is difficult, but possible. And he does it the one that really wants to become a woman, from which man will never go away.
 Take care of yourself by all the rules. A man falls in love with the wrapper, which he presented for the first time. If you are brought to a loved one with chocolate candy in golden foil, then a couple of years turned into a simple caramel, you do not hold. He dreams of your way, your style, the fact that suddenly disappeared, and now that is not enough. Do not look for excuses and justifications in its defense. Lack of time for a manicure - the result of wrong-planned day. If you live with a man under the same roof for many years, then, of course, can afford to go without makeup and dressing gown. But there is a time and place. Today - robe, tomorrow - a short mini, the day after tomorrow - Cocktail Dress. Not necessarily spend a lot of time on makeup, in everyday life can be easy to do make-apom in pastel colors. Hairstyle, look, style of clothing - all this affects not only your appearance, but also your mood. Love yourself and take care of yourself, then your partner will appreciate it doubly.

Me. Constancy well at home, but in a relationship it is comparable with the rain, to extinguish the fire. Passion, delight, surprise - make them their hostages, even if they work for you and for you. To do this, do not be afraid to experiment, fantasize, create and bring their ideas to life. Grow, try yourself in different directions. Let today you hot brunette, absorbed in design, and six months later the charming blonde collects butterflies.

Pursues its own interests, while not forgetting to share hobbies beloved. Your friend will be very pleased if you can maintain it in a particular area, that's just merge with another's opinion unanimously not worth it. You must be a person being in a couple, and not turn into Siamese twins. Otherwise, in a few years all threads conversations are exhausted, you are bored with each other.

Flirt. Build eyes to her husband, to flirt, to take the initiative tease. Let your relationship will not only durable, but also passionate. You can flirt with other representatives of the stronger sex, of course, within reason. If a woman flirts, she glows with happiness, her overwhelmed with emotion, his eyes shine and dazzle.

Be the keeper of the hearth: learn how to cook properly ironed shirt and bring a tile in the bathroom to shine. Young people may neglect to show the girls-homebody who are nursing children all day and cook borscht, but their views are reversed immediately after the flower-candy period. Any man ever wish borscht, comfort and warmth of the mistress of the house, and even from the one that looks like a model, descended from the pages of a glossy magazine.

Learn to listen, to keep secrets and to forgive. Interested in working and affairs of the elect, be careful with the information that you hear. Your man is quite possible sharing with you something very important and secret, do not just call her friends and discuss heard. If you forgive a person for any offense, do it correctly: you either accept the situation and had it not reproach or do not take - and then do not say that simple.

Do not hold the man, hold on to happiness, a joy for the senses. Try not to hurt and not to give offense itself. If your pair occurred crisis and coming parting, do not rush to throw at the feet of your loved one. Think about all the "pros" and "cons", concluded whether you should fight for better relations or raise a glass to the fact that you finally get rid of the burden. Of women seeking the ideal, leaving only those men who do not hurry to improve, weak in spirit. In this case, would be correct to assume that this relationship and you break sailing to other shores to meet his fate.

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