How do you know whether you are a man like you or not

How do you know whether you are a man like you or not
 Learn to like you man, or he thinks you are just a friend, you can, if you carefully watch him. Some features in his behavior will help you find the answer to this important question.
 If you really like men, in all situations, he will try to be close to you. Even if you work in different departments or study in different groups, in the dining room or library, you are sure to become detect it nearby. Much can be said about his interest in you: for example, how often you catch yourself at his gaze. As a rule, the guy looks at a woman interested him much more often than others.

To attract your attention, in love with a man you are likely to change their wardrobe, their hair or even their style of communication. Moreover, the representative of the stronger sex, who likes a woman changes her presence not only in appearance - he is also trying to shine eloquence and wit.

If the man began to present you small gifts not only during major holidays, but also in the days of your name day or no reason - it's a sure sign that he is interested in you as a woman. The same can be seen in the fact that he tries to pick up gifts, according to your taste, which learns from your girlfriends or relatives.

Find out a man likes you or not, you can use a small provocation. To do this, being with him in the same company, pretend that you are interested in another man - invite him to the dance, communicate with him more than the others, and even let him take you home. In love with you young man immediately show his feelings for you, and in the coming days is likely to invite you to a frank conversation.

Communicating with your chosen one, pay attention to the theme of your conversations - if it speaks to you only about the weather, the music, or mutual friends, then most likely, you will not attract him as a woman. If the interviewee openly tells you their plans for the future, speaks openly about his financial situation and even invites you to dinner in the company of his parents, then surely he is fascinated by your beauty and feels for you is not friendship.

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