10 ways to make a man leave

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 You do not know how to tell a partner that your relationship is at an impasse? Are you afraid of the man cause pain or just do not know how to explain the reason for separation? This happens quite often, but there are a few proven ways using which you will achieve what man will flee from you myself, and quite soon.

Method 1:

Stop to take care of themselves.

Surely, he fell in love with you beautiful, with a thin waist, well-groomed hair and nice makeup. Start walking in worn shoes, Bring insane chemistry on the head and do not do more hair removal on the legs. After a while, when your man is aware that he will have to live now not with the "beauty" and a "monster", he almost certainly will attempt to get away from you.

Method 2:

Stop take care of him.

At the time to post your culinary talents, do not wash and ironed his clothes. Empty fridge and no clean shirt in the morning can be very annoying man who is accustomed to the fact that care about such trifles woman.

Instead, take the time to talk with friends or watching TV series, be sure to state the details of which then his partner.

Method 3:


Offense with or without him. Notice the slightest mistakes: forgot to call back late for 5 minutes, did not think to buy flowers, and, if realized, it is not those smoking again in the toilet, etc. While constantly claims that he does not love you anymore. Do not forget time and as often as possible to let a tear. Men do not like women's tears, because they do not know what to do in such situations, and it is very annoying them.

Method 4:

Stop listening to him.

Do not listen to his stories about anything, interrupt, insert its most absurd comments. A very good way - stop laughing at his jokes, ignore them.


Argue and do the opposite.

Every man loves to make decisions and expects women to agree with them. Do not go on about the partner. Argue with him to prove his innocence, even when you know that you are wrong, act contrary to the partner.

Method 6:

Disable men's leisure.

Skandalte and would not let him go on a fishing trip to the country with friends, do not let lie quietly in front of the TV with a beer or just to play a computer game. Instead, a constant reminder of what you all day were washed apartment, and he did not even help, and it would be nice to go to your mother to help her with the repair.

Method 7:


Unjustified jealousy, perhaps the most effective way to get a man to leave. Jealous partner to any creature of female secretary to his own mother. Check his phone, read e-mail, call him at work and earnestly questioned him as to whether he is in the workplace. It will be good if you also begin to call his friends and get out, they did not notice that your man was another.

Method 8:

Get an affair.

Find yourself a fan, or at least simulate an affair. Bring home flowers, go to another room to answer a phone call, secretive with friends. Start the "stay at work" without explaining the reasons for the delay. Learning that you have another, your man will almost certainly run away from you and will continue to mention your name only in conjunction with a very abusive language.

Method 9:

Give up sex.

Find any reason to refuse sex with a partner: headache, fatigue, medication, bad mood, etc. If you can be absolutely impregnable, rest assured your man will start looking for a new source of pleasure.

Method 10:

Ask a man to marry you.

Do broad hints that you would not mind to marry him. It turns out, as it applies to you, and how to develop your relationship. Recalls that at your age are important permanent serious feelings, not just entertainment. Talking about children, after all. Chances are that you spugnete man this is very high.

So, we can make a man go away in different ways. But remember that the best solution is to tell the man to tell about your feelings and that came finale of your relationship.

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