"Where have you been?"

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 The question "Where have you been? "By his beloved wife can safely put on the top of the rankings the most frustrating issues for men. In any hypothetical poll strong half of mankind, he beat the record for the extent of the hated. Learn how to deal with this issue properly, your husband was always there.

The question of where was your man, able to destroy the relationship. Especially if sounds too often. It contains a whole range of unpleasant feelings and sensations. And mistrust, jealousy, suspicion, and control efforts. Not every man is willing to love a woman with a ball vices. So you need to learn how to use the question, "Where have you been? "Only as directed.

Agree on the number of phone calls per day

Women like phoning her husband a hundred times a day. They ask stupid in terms of male issues. Where are you? What do u do? "" When you're at home? ". Ladies often act in good faith, believe that the so-show care and attention. In fact, my husband might get the feeling that it is followed by total surveillance. And this situation is intolerable for any normal man.

If you do not want to create a similar problem in his family, arrange with the man on the number of calls to each other and the time when it is better to do. After all, if a man at work now and then calls his wife, except it feels uncomfortable sensation of irritation. It looks henpecked and cloth. This means that it is easier agrees to invite colleagues to miss a beer after work. Thus creating a vicious circle: the more you call, the more he will need effort to convince others that he - not henpecked. The more he lost outside the home, and the more often you have to ask him where he was.

Call on business

Of course, warm SMS or calls with declarations of feelings also sometimes appropriate. But they can create an awkward situation when your man is at work, in negotiations or just among friends. Try to call a man who is in society, only in the case. And always ask, is it right to say it. If you call back in 10 minutes after an important meeting, quickly agreed with him that you need.

Each of the spouses must have their personal space. The husband has the right and chat with colleagues, and to communicate with friends. And the less you will be his control in this matter, the easier and easier it will be to return home. From a good home, where waiting and love, husbands, friends do not run away.

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