The older - the happier?

The older - the happier?
 Adult, sophisticated people experiencing negative emotions are much less likely than young people. With age, people have successfully avoided a lot of trouble, it is better to cope with anxiety. In addition, an older person does not suffer the stressful situation at work, as it has long been retired. Trouble now can deliver only adult children and health.  

In adulthood, changing priorities of a career already do not need to worry, the authorities are no longer required reports. No blockages at work, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep no more. You can spend your free time in its sole discretion, as at 7 am no longer tingle Service, have nowhere to run headlong and experience, how will business meeting or check. Annoying colleagues now do not stick with intrusive questions. Nobody will narekat for being late. Carve out a small portion of time in order to solve personal problems in his youth was considered a success. Now, life has become more measured, almost devoid of scandals and misunderstandings. Had disappeared all fears.

Spoil the mood, of course, may be neighbors or loud music utilities their receipts for payment of electricity or gas. But it now seems all such trifles.

Children have grown up, they do not have to babysit, take to school, go to parent-teacher meetings and hear from teachers that such brats in the future will not get anything good. Gone are the days when a minor child walked until midnight with friends and was completely out of control. Transition age in the distant past. Now children excite the same concerns.

Mature people almost do not make new acquaintances, it is enough to communicate with members of his family and old friends. Therefore there is no risk to face the negative manifestations of another character. Older people do not respond to the critics, they know perfectly well what their weaknesses and to live with it for a long time. It is unlikely that someone will be able to discover something unknown or offensive.

It remains to solve health problems, which for some reason is not improving. Ahead of waiting in long queues at the doctor's office and occasional trips to the pharmacy. But frequent colds that never left in his youth, even a couple of months, long since disappeared. Is not that better? So, are the happiest people - those who have lived most of my life.

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