How to sort out their feelings

How to sort out their feelings
 In life, you do not just faced with intractable problems. And doubly difficult if the conditions they ask you. Own thoughts haunt, and the answer to the most important questions for you or not? Calm down and try to finally sort out their feelings.  
 In any problems the whole team is ready to help support - friends, psychologists, girls on the forums, articles in journals. But sometimes their opinion seems wrong to you, or all the tips are reduced to "Listen to your heart." Are you trying to - heart responds something unintelligible.

When the senses cease to form a clear and logical mind comes to the rescue. If you can not decide in a given situation only by personal feelings, think logically.

What can confuse your feelings? Love for a man, of course. And the main question that arises here - whether you like it. The answer will not let anyone except you. But how to make yourself the most honest answer?

Try for some time to fully withdraw into themselves. Select two of the day when you do not have to go anywhere with anyone to meet. Limit, where possible, information from the outside - no Internet connection, do not watch the news. You will remain alone with his thoughts, and then internal monologues will be fair. Ask yourself what you are tormented.

Ask yourself, who can not decide for a long time. Do not try to evade the question.
Try to write a letter to herself. It outlines the situation, exciting you. Tell it as if writing to a close friend. So you unconsciously present all its considerations. Reread the resulting text. Feel that the thoughts expressed here more clearly?

If you can not choose between the two men, watch your dreams. Who do you see yourself at the altar? Who represents you walking with your children? From whom do you want to hear the confession of love? Women tend to fantasize constantly. Do not change your imagination and just watch who of men seem to you more often.

But do not go into the whole fantasy. Find a person in the sense to which the doubt, as best as possible. Try to spend the whole day together. You can find cons, which previously did not know. Or at the same time know that you have these disadvantages still do not confuse.

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