How to keep the interest of men

How to keep the interest of men
 Manage a knight at the stage of love and the onset of the relationship is much easier - fan will do anything to your approval. Over time, the passions subside, and the interest of the men can be a little fade away. With this you have to fight.
 Kindle interest men uncertainty - show that consistency is not a feature of your character. Change their minds, solutions expressed in two ways, try to behave differently in repetitive situations. The purpose of this behavior - to make a man to be constantly on their toes.

Always leave understatement - should not be open to talk about themselves, devoting a man in their plans, blurting it all girlish secrets. You have to stay for a undisclosed book, a mystery. Make it clear that you have your own full and tumultuous life events, but do not focus on the details. If a man is interested in and begins to ask, the answer is short and vague, or going to answer at all. Try to use more common phrases that are not given in detail - so you will keep etiquette and save your mystery.

You must be unpredictable - both for themselves and for him. More likely to commit rash acts, capricious, require attention or, conversely, keep away, without explanation. But be careful not to overdo it with the vagaries that not to be considered eccentric and foolish person.

Learn to leave the light innuendo - answer questions, but not to the end. Interrupt conversations allegedly in order to accomplish something very important. When you try to bring you back to the men discussing topics of interest to him later, pretend you do not remember or be assured him that the discussion would not be fun. Learn to skillfully switch the conversation, not to offend the interlocutor.

Demonstrate to your location other men - your cavalier should know that you are using the popular, and are afraid to lose you. But do not let yourself open flirtation, so as not to alienate a man - let us understand that it is always for you in the first place. Just try to behave with ease in the company of other men - they will be drawn to you and your beau will certainly notice it.

Become the men for their most coveted girl in the world - sexy lingerie, uninhibited in bed, well-groomed appearance should feed the interest on his part. Surprise and seduce, encourage and escapes - then your man will be conquered.

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