10 best places to explore

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 Places to explore in the modern world abound. However, in order to find a worthy partner, you must choose the best. In the first place, still - Colleges and friendly parties.

Our grandmothers and mothers acquainted mainly on dance or a party where partners could present to each other. Older relatives often find a girl or a guy a couple based on their perceptions of gender relations.

In our time, the number of places to explore increased markedly. 10-ka best place for meeting is as follows:

1. a party.
Still important to get acquainted with the assistance of friends and acquaintances. It is not necessary to abandon the parties organized by best friends. Relationship with friends distinguishes itself from other places. Indeed, the warm and friendly atmosphere makes it closer.

2. Location of study.
University, driving school, dance club, flying club or any training courses - a great place to explore. People really pulls together a community of interests. In addition, any training organization person spends ample time to look at the audience.

3. Work.
Despite the skepticism that accompanies the phrase "office romance", place of work remains one of the most popular sites of acquaintances. Office romance with a colleague is more promising than with the head. However, after the story one of the lovers is better to find another job.

4. Internet.
To explore possible to use social networks. One option could also become a serious forum. Visit sites for dating and flirting is not necessary. Most likely, their "inhabitants" are aimed to find a partner for a fleeting relationship.

5. Outdoor games.
Corporate games to allow nature to be liberated and feel "in the team." It brings people together and helps to feel a sense of "shoulder" and mutual support. This situation contributes to the creation of new connections.

6. The wedding of friends.
Elation, fluids romance and love, which is literally "breathes" all around, creating the perfect atmosphere for dating. And if a girl also caught the bride's bouquet, you might consider it a good sign.

7. airport or seaport.
Waiting for the plane or ship, in itself creates a climate of romance and adventure. Relationship to the "border" area allows you to feel both boys and girls, some "irresponsibility" in a good way. This fact negates complexes about who should be master of the situation. Ease of communication and anticipation of the trip will be a good background for the beginning of the relationship.

8. Walk the dog.
"Kennel" sociable people, especially when it comes to pets. Having got the dog and walking with her, there is a chance to find a partner, not only in the morning and evening exercise.

9. Help on the road.
Simulate the fault of the car on the road - not a pretext to explore. But to go on a trip in a safe, familiar but not quite part of the city or the suburbs on his car - a reason for dating. Charming avtoledi always help colleagues or pedestrians find the street.

10. Traffic jams.
Managed to get a "Prince Charming" on adjacent lanes, you can become acquainted in the most ordinary traffic. Instead of being angry, it is best to flirt.

Wherever acquaintance happened - should keep your style of behavior. In this case, good luck always smile and get a chance to find their half.

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