Some disadvantages for two

Some disadvantages for two
 Often it turns out that in this pair some disadvantages for two. For example, a woman who is not a perfect hostess, begins to live with a man-slut, amateur or eat relish marries a glutton. It happens that the husband and wife are liars or loafers. Why is this happening?
 Psychologists suggest that such a situation is typical for daffodils, which looks the other in its mirror image. But perhaps the thing is that this extends to such, and people tend to build relationships with those who share not only their passion, but also the vices, perhaps hoping for loyalty to him.

And so often happens - the two lovers will eat with a passion to cook, will not hesitate to put his plate an extra portion of fries or cake together will complain about the clothes became close, and if you decide to lose weight, you will better understand each other's problems.

Living together sluts will not overreact to the scattered clothes and unmade by computer cup. Perhaps these two will find harmony.

It may well happen that the faults of others (though similar to their own) will irritate and cause indignation. By his vices and weaknesses people can be loyal to ignore them. And the same flaws, but other people may hate to amaze, as if to emphasize and highlighting their own disadvantages. In this case, the two multiplied by minus plus not give desired (in a relationship), and transformed into one big disadvantage, both live and let live. Remember the saying about the beam in another's eye and a straw in his? Most people tend to resent the very same flaws that have ourselves.

What do couples who have similar disadvantages? Well, you may want to admit to themselves that they are. After recognition of the problem - the first step to solving it. Talk to each other and make a decision - either you agree that you have shared in two disadvantages, both trying to be more tolerant to them. Or, if you're both unhappy with their vices or strange, then start fighting with them. Together, with mutual support and understanding, it will be much easier.

Well, if you still gain the defeat in this difficult struggle, who is not your partner will be able to understand you and comfort. And, perhaps, to laugh with you. After all, if there is love, you can overcome a lot. Almost all.

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