Alone, all alone ...

Alone, all alone ...
 As time passes, things change, but one ... Wait, meetings, partings, tears and alone again. People say that the "holy place is never empty." Is with you that something is wrong? When in life will enter the single and most important?

If a girl is ready to relationships in her life comes a man. When a woman is ready for marriage, she marries. If the men in your life is not in sight, think about whether they should have you? I would like it to you, not the parents, and the public opinion, being in a relationship?

Often women are afraid to condemn others, come in the wake of his mother and try to play the role of an exemplary and proper daughter. It is necessary that you had not just a favorite. You must be married for everyone to understand that you're the same "normal" like everyone else. Therefore, many marry the most appropriate, without waiting for the very, very.

Perhaps you, too, think that "it is time to get married." But somewhere inside you realize that the social form of the relationship - a template. Somewhere deep inside you are looking for is not sour life and romance and joy of life. And hope for the buzz in the relationship lives in your heart. Therefore you are afraid of a serious relationship, like fire.

Each of us has dreams, needs and desires. With age, they begin to be suppressed public opinion. So we become adults. We are starting to make "how to". But sometimes do things that are expected of us, forgetting about yourself and that you can not please everyone.

To live "in a rush", you need to listen to yourself, to realize their desires. Think about what you dreamed of as a child? What was the most important for you then? Where did it now? If you really want the relationship, what union and what man is acceptable to you? Remember that the "right" relationship does not happen, and the only acceptable relationship - the ones in which you feel good and comfortable.

If the time from time, from the relationship in the relationship going the same scenario, it shows once again that there is no willingness for something new and more suitable for you. All you need - is to allow yourself to be present, to take steps at the behest of the heart and go where you calling the little girl happy inside you that in my childhood was happy every new day and feel all the beauty of the surrounding world. And if you're relationship - it really is your desire, then the slogan "alone, all alone" thing of the past soon.

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