Where to begin treason?

Where to begin treason?
 The relationship between a man and a woman - the eternal question, as old as the entire human civilization. And as much time there is such a thing: betrayal. It robs people of peace, forces suffered severely tormented by jealousy and suspicion, tormented by remorse, excuses. Do not stop fierce debate: whether it is possible to forgive infidelity that is generally considered. In fact, what?

A little-known but very instructive example: the famous Pauline Annenkov, nee Gebl voluntarily followed in Siberia for her lover and there with him hoops once did, and her husband, and his other fellow sufferers, a kind of "Christmas gift". Simply put, together with congratulations and food-drink sent them to jail ... a few women of easy virtue. It is reasonable to reasoning that young healthy men simply need (in modern terms) to have sex! When this "gift" to know other wives of the Decembrists, they were shocked and horrified. Husbands were filled with delight and warmly thanked "Good Pauline."

So can this case be considered treason in the full sense of the word? Stern moralist or a deeply religious man, even today probably say, "Yes, of course! ". Man sticking a more realistic view, taking into account all the specific circumstances are likely, said: "No! ". Most women probably condemn the "infidel men": they say to their wives, too, without male affection had hard times, but then suffered the same blyuli loyalty! Most men probably justify the "culprits", saying that "this is not treason, and pure physiology, and against no arguing! »

This approach is very characteristic. Even in the citadel of modern feminism, the United States, until recently, and the girls and married women forbidden to even the most harmless flirting: they immediately bear a stamp of Minx. At the same time, a man with a reputation philanderer and "conqueror of ladies' hearts," respected, inspire envy.

Where are all the same boundary that separates flirting, erotic dreams, even very frank and "uninhibited", from this treason? And if you say frankly - it always betrayal is evil? After all, not on an empty place there let rude, but sometimes very accurate saying: "Good" leftist "strengthens marriage"!

Perhaps these questions can not give a definite answer. All people are different, and therefore everyone should solve this problem on their own, according to their own notions of what is permissible and excusable, and that - no, under any circumstances. And it would be a very good thing to remember is the parable of the mote in another's eye and the beam in your own.

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