Terms of exposure

Terms of exposure
 How to crop up? With pleasure - so says Hollywood sex symbol Pamela Anderson. And even her something in undressing in front of men has no equal. And as all the other members of the fairer half of humanity, you can use the beauty of their bodies to attract men, and what are the rules of exposure?

From a scientific approach to this problem came up, British scientists. They took the perfect percentage outcrops, which, in their opinion, is 40%. This means that a woman should reveal a little less than half of his body. The conclusion was made by scientists on the basis of secret surveillance of women and men. It turned out that the woman who discovered 40% of the body, have attracted much more attention than the more closed or open. To be able to take advantage of this achievement in science, remember that the foot - this is 15% of the body, the hand of -10%, torso - 50%. Thus, the best would be to open the hands and feet, but not completely, and wear tight-fitting dress.

Knowing the rules of exposure is especially necessary if your intention is to arrange striptease lover. Erotic dance strip uses a lot of love for men. Take advantage of this and arrange her husband a pleasant surprise. The reason may be a marriage anniversary, birthday or other date. To really was a pleasant surprise, to be prepared in advance.

For some time before the chosen date, optimally for 2-3 months, start a diet. More frequent visits to the bath or Sunu to not only lose weight, but also make the skin smooth, supple and taut. Take mud baths to get rid of pimples, bruises and dark spots. Zagora in the solarium.

Pick beautiful music and think about the lighting of the room. Best of all, if the light is diffused, for example, light the candles. To move in a dance with ease, rehearse in advance all the movements. Purchase a beautiful dress that you'll be shooting, high-heeled shoes and romantic lace underwear. Naturally, the spouse must be in the dark - hide from him new clothes.

On the day of "X" before you put on a suit stripper on the body need to apply makeup. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and powder the large, apply concealer and sequins where necessary.

During striptease smile invitingly. Dance with the soul, putting all his passion. Do not forget you - perfect. Clothing, discharge gradually. How much you will be naked - decide, the main thing to make you feel comfortable and confident.

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