Quarrels over money: what to do?

Quarrels over money: what to do?
 The question of where did the money in the family, often rhetorical, the answer to it is not expected - it's a great way to start a fight. But if you want to avoid quarrels over money, there is only one way to do this - always know the precise answer to this provocative question.
 Do you think that the saying "Money is through love" and came up with greedy miser? No, it came up with wise people, those who are concerned about the financial well-being and the preservation of peace in the family. How do I find economists, financial difficulties, which have complained many young families, often linked to a lack of funds, and the inability to control their spending and properly.

On the Internet you can find a variety of programs for the family budget, they will help you keep taking it into account, recording all income and expenses. When you start doing it, carefully noting the program every purchase, you will be very surprised at how much spending money on all the small stuff, without which it could well do without.

Having started to keep records, identify with her husband, the amount that must be allocated monthly to mandatory spending: food, utilities, hygiene items. Mortgage spending this amount for contingencies. All other purchases, beyond the approved list, discuss together. Each of you should refer to the proposal to discuss money matters without aggression, and not perceive it as a waste of charge.

Try to spend the equivalent of an additional allocations from the family budget, optimal: the same thing the same quality you can not buy in the boutique, and in the usual mall, and it will cost you much less. Do not hesitate to slow down each other in order to avoid unnecessary spending, learn pragmatic approach to money.

But do not put the blame occasional extravagance, accusing the wife that it makes it impossible to buy a vacation or a trip to another more right purchase. Nothing terrible happened, and that's no reason to pick a quarrel, the more that he already knew it all. In a pinch, you can calmly explain that overpayments could have been avoided, waiting for the nearest sales or make a purchase at another store.

The best proof of correctness of the chosen approach to money matters, will no scandals and accumulated after some time, the amount of money you can spend on a family trip or a major acquisition.

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