6 psycho-sexual complexes women

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 On the quality of sex sometimes affect certain complexes, fears beautiful enchantress. Think about it: at the time, how could you fly to the seventh heaven of bliss and soar in the magical ecstasy, are you afraid to admit it, you've got it the first time, or you can not decide on something new in sex. Let's look at how to remove unnecessary fears.

With erotic complexes is very easy to handle - sometimes it is enough just to recognize them and take. Try it during lovemaking remind yourself why you make love - to have fun or worry about this or that detail. And enjoy.

However, and this happens when a sexy set of very strong. In this case, of course, do not break yourself and do what you're not yet ready, at the same time feeling discomfort. Apparently, this is the case when it is best to talk to your loved one about what you're afraid, you both appear to gradually prepare you for something new. Be present. Do not be afraid to show yourself for what you really are. Ultimately, you're at home alone. A lot of men in the world.

The complex number 1
I am fat
Fear of his body is usually inherent to young girls, mistresses or the beginning the fair sex, which in ordinary life are embarrassed any aspect of their appearance. Think: because you have and to have sex with him was the same belly, the same size breasts and absolutely exactly the same leg. And he still chose you. So give him to the end.

The complex number 2
"I am afraid to say or show him what I want"
Fears seem too depraved deeply rooted in childhood when parents taught us to be humble girls, and sexual emancipation is considered a sin. Helps mental transformation. Imagine that your partner is making love with a prostitute, depraved sex like almost all men, and today call girl will you. You can even tell your loved that idea - he likes it.

The complex number 3
"I am afraid that he would ask me to do here is"
Many women fear that the man will ask them in bed about what they had never done before. For example, pat here, use oral sex over there, try here that position or included in the process so these things. If you feel that you "feel like, and prickly", feel free to say "yes" and watch as you become a different, more free from fear. In case you're not ready to cross the coveted line, tell the man about his fear - it will help you to be myself.

The complex number 4
"I'm afraid it seem inadequate sexual"
This complex, as opposed to one of the above, is the fear of man seem exciting enough to force some experience, lack of knowledge or create a stereotype about themselves. Men are excited much faster women, and sometimes it is enough just to see gum from stocking to light, what can we say about the moment when he was in your bed.

The complex number 5
"I'm afraid to have an orgasm with him"
Some men, in that no matter what, thirst deliver a fun girl, while actually showing not the best ways to do this. As a result, the partner feels the tension, focus on the orgasm, and if he did not come, begins to consider himself frigid. Although the case may be only in the men's haste, your fatigue, lack of spiritual convergence or fear to talk about what excites you. Explore your body, find it hot spots along with a man and enjoy!

The complex number 6
"I'm afraid that he will know that I do not have an orgasm with him"
This complex has led many women to portray an orgasm. After all, "if I did not finish, so to me that something is not right." Although the real reasons may be your partner elementary ignorance of erogenous zones, or the most passionate erotic fantasies - of what it cost to tell him!

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