How to defend against charges

How to defend against charges
 From time to time a person becomes a target for accusations. It is important to realize that insulting remarks thrown at your address, can be totally baseless and require the ability to defend you.  
 If your party was thrown accusation, it is important to understand that it may be well deserved. In this case, to plead guilty, repent of spoken words or actions and, most importantly, more so not to think, do and fix the problem. To do this is difficult, but very useful. In addition, the meaning of these charges will lead you to a true understanding of things, and therefore will not be protected from anything. Sometimes the prosecutor can not immediately silenced. He needs to "let off steam". So you have to repent patiently listen to him.

If you are often criticized, listen to comments. They can be useful for you to point you in the right direction with the strengthening and development of personal qualities. However, if the area of ​​criticism goes too far, with the aim to violate your personal space, you must immediately make clear that it is your own business.

Charges may be fundamentally unfair. So sometimes happens if you fall "under the hot hand." Your calm silence with knowledge of self-righteousness can act similarly to a red rag to a bullfight. In such cases, try not to take on useless accusations and insults. Try to understand the cause of the behavior of the interlocutor and calmly let us know what your answer. If it meets the real state of affairs, sensible person with shame all understand silent and try to leave. In the future, it will stop you unfairly blame. If you do not know and can not understand the true causes irritation of your accuser, ask them to tell you about your troubles. So you firmly give him to understand that it is not going to become a "bin" for his negative emotions and moods.

If you are accused of an act that you did not commit, pleaded not guilty. Explain the situation, using good arguments, and close this topic. If you do not have any, do not be nervous, because you did nothing to blame. Try confidently looking into the eyes of the prosecutor, as well as in the first case report of his innocence. If necessary, take time to find a tranquil setting right decision.

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