15 signs of infidelity female

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 As with male infidelity, the female has its own reasons, and they can be so much more. Infidelity of his wife or girl is really hard to determine at times, t. To. Women are capable of coming up with different methods to not get caught and do not lose a man with whom she spent a lot of time. Anyway, the reason for treason can be set, but the signs, in fact, not so much.

1. The woman suddenly appeared many new friends with whom she spends most of his already precious time. Or it has become too often meet with old friends exclusively female.

2. My wife has become more to look after themselves. New hairstyle, which she did not tell you, or unusually bright makeup. Of course, the appearance may change is for you, but if a woman is trying to spend more time just with you, not with old friends.

3. A sudden restriction of personal access. The woman now does not admit to your phone or computer, although earlier it is allowed.

4. Another sign - fiancee too affectionate before time off somewhere to walk with an overnight stay. Or vice versa, trying to avoid physical contact, does not want to kiss.

5. The coldness in sex. You are just not interested in her bed, she tries to go early to avoid sexual intercourse. Perhaps the most noticeable and unpleasant manifestation of treason.

6. The wife responds sharply to the shortcomings of men, trying to raise it to laugh.

7. It transmits phone calls, although I did not. Pretends to forget your phone at home, or accidentally put it on silent mode, or it she suddenly sat up.

8. Talk about a new colleague or classmate, which had not a word was said.

9. Another standard feature - work. It often remains to some seminars, consultations and meetings. Says that her abuse at work, or is it always "Difficulty completing the report."

10. It prohibits meet her with any additional classes or activities on the job. Does not allow pick it up after a walk with friends or says he does not know how long it will be delayed "at work".

11. It absolutely does not matter how long you stayed at work, where you go and when you get back.

12. She began to agree with everything, just to keep communication to a minimum.

13. She always treats you, overestimates. Perhaps compares with a lover for a variety of positions.

14. Nope former luster in the eyes at the sight of you, warmth and smile disappear. In his eyes trying not to look, often looks away, communicating with both outsiders.

15. Her thoughtfulness along with all the preceding paragraphs may be caused by just the thought of how it would be better you go.

Try to please his beloved, give it as much attention and warmth. Diversify her life, make gifts and give love. And then she did not need any lover. And you get a loving and faithful wife.

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