Women's handbag - a terrible beast

Women's handbag - a terrible beast
 Women's handbag - this map is the inner world of women. It is this accessory is the space where the entrance to outsiders strictly prohibited. In this small and terrible beast fits all - from several lipsticks before changing clothes and shoes. Remember that the load to the limit of her favorite is impossible, as health is still important couple pounds of unnecessary things.

Handbags come in many different types and colors. Get yourself a little kitten - white miniature handbag, or a tiger - the huge size bag with the appropriate color. Others will perceive you as you will present yourself. In creating the image will help your faithful companion - a woman's handbag. If you - business woman, choose a bag with a strict form of a minimum number of ornaments, and if you're a beauty, going out on a date, there will be appropriate on the contrary various ribbons and trinkets.

No matter how you find it hard or uncomfortable to carry a handbag, do not give it to the man, he helped to carry her. Otherwise, your chosen image immediately darkened, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Reveal the secret nature of the girls in the form and manner of her purse to hold. Big bag ladies are open-minded, who are excellent working women. Severe forms of business women handbag prefer. Miniature handbag, which are placed only keys to the apartment and one (!), Lipstick, love bright personality and a small elegant handbag worn by ladies, who by their appearance are paying more attention than substantive work.

When the lady carries a bag holding the handle in lowered hand, boldly asserted that the girl decency, does not like to be late. Shopping woman will carry her purse, "strung" on hand. Hand thus be pressed against the waist. These women have self-esteem and listen to the opinions of others. Beauty, holding "the beast" in one corner - very opinionated, and not pay attention to the opinions of others. However, very often, their own opinion is erroneous. Women carrying her purse on her shoulder with a hands-free is very pleased with themselves and the world around them, and if the hand is squeezed, then this sign indicates that the young lady shy and insecure.

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