Long gloves when and where to wear?

Long gloves when and where to wear?
 Long gloves have become a fashionable trend in 2011-2012 on the shows of famous designers and are gaining increasing popularity among ordinary women. It is not surprising, since many models are not only beautiful and elegant, but also very convenient, especially in wet and windy conditions.
 Long gloves today are relevant in several models. Firstly, it is high tight-fitting glove hand. Secondly - the model to the elbow, the wrist prisborennye soft folds. Finally, fingerless gloves - long gloves without fingers. All of them can be made of different materials and differ variety of colors.

Stylists and designers are allowed to wear them with any clothes on a variety of activities. The main thing - to choose the right colors and texture of gloves under the outfit. They are a great part of the stylish way to secular parties or celebrations while walking around town or visits.

Outerwear under which this model should be worn gloves, should have shortened the sleeves, which can hardly cover the elbow or wrist reach. In this case, the gloves will not only create a fashionable image, but also to protect from the wind, especially when flared sleeves.

Stylish look with long gloves and cocktail dresses. Moreover, they may be formed from silk, suede and leather. They are ideally suited to their suits, knitted clothes and jackets, a variety of different cut. Particularly impressive look with long gloves jackets, fur trimmed.

For gloves, mitts in addition to outer garments are ideal sweaters and turtlenecks with tight-fitting sleeves, which are so comfortable to wear, creating interesting images. In this case, you can make a bright accent gloves or a continuation of the sleeves, tucked them in color things.

Choice of color long gloves depends solely on the outfit and mood of the fair sex. Today, the brighter they look more interesting. Particularly relevant classic black, terracotta, red, blue and mustard color.

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