How to tie a pareo

How to tie a pareo
 One of the modern accessories, without which it is difficult to imagine a beach life - a pareo. Where once it was tied only one way - on the hips, today's fashionable woman on the beach and want to be irresistible. And coming up with different ways of how you can still decorate themselves with shawls.

As you know, flick of the wrist turns into ... pareo dress. That's not the one. For example, you can wrap pareo around your back and tie in front, in the chest area for 1 or 2 knots. The original outfit ready.

The second option dress all familiar from childhood. Is like wrapping a simple bath towel. To create such a tight dress need to turn pareo and at chest level to hide the top layer under the bottom.

Pinafore can be created as follows. Pull the pareo behind, ahead of the end of the upper breast are crossed and tied at the neck. But there are two options: you can just wide end of the tie around his neck, and you can twist the ends in flagella and tie around the neck. In fact, in both cases the original model you provided.

Fashionistas can experiment and once with two pair. In this case, you can create a dress with a mysterious name "Nefertiti". To do this, take a handkerchief from one side to hold it under his arm, the other, on the contrary, tying the ends of the shoulder. We proceed similarly to the second handkerchief, only now changing shoulders. So it turns out one-piece dress.

Another two scarves can do almost ceremonial dress. To do this, take a handkerchief and we tie him ahead in the manner of a regular table napkins. Then take the second handkerchief and shrinking it back. At the level of the second breast handkerchief need to tie into a single node. That's all.

Light dress with one shoulder strap perfectly obtained from one large pair. To do this, start bandaging a handkerchief in front, just above the chest. Then you need to wrap it around the body by about 270 degrees, and connect the ends on one shoulder, linking their host.

In addition to dresses and skirts from pareo can get even and beautiful top. To create a stamp to fold in pareo scarf to wear around the neck to the ends of its two sides are symmetrical. Take the ends and cross them over the breast, cover it and tie them behind their backs. This top can be in the city get out, and not just go to the beach.

The second embodiment is executed as the first stamp, but with the difference that it should be wound in a mirror image, i.e. front to back. Instead neck scarf is necessary to put on the collarbone, to get back to cross tissue and lead the way forward. At chest level their tie. Top ready.

You can also still of pareos and eastern trousers do. To do this you need two scarf. One is wrapped around the hips and tied at the upper end of the waist and the other end on the leg. Second wound symmetrically, but has a lower end to another zamatyvaem leg.

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