How to choose the gloves

How to choose the gloves
 Gloves - not just a fashion accessory but also an excellent protection from the cold wind and frost. They can be a real masterpiece of art haberdashery, flirty, romantic or offensive. One thing remains constant - good gloves should be comfortable and of good quality.
 Choosing gloves made of genuine leather, you should pay attention to the fact that it was a really leather. Modern manufacturers perfectly mimic this material, as in texture and smell. Therefore, to be sure to find the best visible tissue section from which the sewn gloves. If it is genuine leather, then cut should be visible fleecy-velvety texture. In the non-natural tissues may be noticeable other components, such as textile base.

If you buy gloves as an accessory for costume should be preferred thin skins, such as huskies. They should fit tightly the hand, but it does not stretch much.

For men who prefer rough skin is better to choose gloves from porcine or deerskin. From the same material sewn spectacular warm winter ladies seals. These skin retain heat well, while allowing the hand to breathe. The only negative pigskin gloves - increased ability to absorb moisture, which can lead to deformation, especially during drying.

Gloves buckskin and more resistant to cold and moisture, so it is advisable to buy for active lifestyles. They have a high enough price, and not inferior in beauty kid gloves. It is not necessary to acquire pieces of leather gloves. They rarely keep their shape and fit a bad hand.

Colouring gloves should be strong and solid, is permissible only that there is little shade in areas with thinner skin.

You should carefully inspect the gloves for quality welds. No sites with gaps or uneven lines in length should not be. It does not matter how it connected seam gloves, internal or external.

When fitting gloves need to pay attention to the fact that the skin should be stretched only in the transverse direction. At length properly tailored gloves do not stretch! However, they should be worn effortlessly and does not restrict movement, and the fingers of gloves fully reflect actual fingers.

Gloves should be chosen according to the season, depending on the lining. Gloves with fine silk cloth lining or without lining suitable for protection from the wind, they can be worn in the early spring or fall. For more cold weather is better to buy gloves with knitted lining. But for the cold winter that is not enough, you need to opt for gloves with warm fur lining.

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