How to choose a scarf

How to choose a scarf
 Shawls differ not only in functionality - they can be of different shapes, colors, style, texture and texture, size. Selecting a scarf depends on what and for what reason you are going to wear, what and how to bind.
 Shawls attract attention primarily by its color - you react to colors, pattern, or the presence of the figure. Think about which of your image you want to supplement with a handkerchief and match the main color of the ensemble and pattern scarf. Be sure to throw with the fabric on the shoulders, bring it to the person evaluating the effect, which produces accessories, coupled with your hair, eyes and complexion. In qualitative headscarves colors are bright and vivid, pattern stamped and clearly there is an asymmetry. Also note that the method of edging products - all seams should be neat edges are tucked and jotted, no protruding thread and rough corners should not be.

Necessarily Feel scarf - you not only have to wear it close to your body, but also possibly used as a scarf, hide from the cold. Scarves made of light fabrics should create the effect of a pleasant coolness, softness or warmth.

When you get a warm scarf, choose natural fabrics - they are well passed air. Synthetic scarves drape well and they are best used as an accessory that changes the image.

Think what you will be wearing a scarf, it is much easier to buy an accessory under his coat, for example, and not vice versa. For evening dresses made of precious fabrics is better to buy the finest, gas shawls, which are well change shape and have a beautiful, original coloring. Under clothing for the active life should choose dense sports scarves.

If you plan to wear a scarf with outerwear, as a substitute for a scarf, then pay attention to the length and the material from which it is made. If your coat or jacket strict, straight silhouette, you can refresh it bright printed scarf. Bright and colorful clothes balances monochrome scarf of loose tissue, which can effectively tie on the shoulders or wrap it several times neck.

Choose your favorite scarf, try it immediately tie - you will be able to determine whether the tightly held unit, whether a scarf slide with a tissue or clothes with bared shoulders, etc. And certainly must scarf you like, awaken and inspire the imagination to experiment with images.

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