Handbags - from the beginnings to the present

Handbags - from the beginnings to the present
 How to come into our lives things? Have you ever thought about how there were bags? The history of fashion accessories as interesting as the history of costume. Learn more about the biography of a handbag.

The history of fashion to preserve the "legend" of one of the most essential accessories in the wardrobe of any woman - bags. It is known that the first bag may be considered emerged in the 16th century leather bags for money and other small necessities.

These men wore bags on the belt, and women - were hidden under a wide skirt. Over time, the men - namely, one of the French monarchs - Louis XIV, came up with pockets. Since that time, all the small things, including money, they began to take shape there. The women remained faithful sacs hidden in large skirts.

Over time, the restless imagination has pushed the girls to the fact that they were decorated leather bags, who knows how - with embroidery, beads, colored ribbons. Of course, every woman wanted to show off his handiwork, so bags "moved" from under the skirts up and became attached to his belt.

All these developments have occurred in the 17th century, mainly among wealthy women. At the court of kings began to organize the whole exhibition fashion inventions. Ladies competed in artistic imagination together and conquered men their sophisticated fashion trends.

In the 18th century for the manufacture of bags began to apply not only the skin, but other materials, such as cloth. Bags have increased in size, they were pockets and fasteners. Masters never ceased to amaze fashion ladies sophisticated ways of their decoration.

In the early 19th century, when the world of women's fashion came more sophisticated silhouettes - tight skirts, bags lost their decorative purpose and become an essential part of any wardrobe lady. Came the fashion for large bags - this balances the silhouette. In addition, a modern woman could put in a capacious handbag everything she could want, from the mirrors and ending with a favorite book.

In the early 20th century in vogue small flap bag. But the modern woman successfully combines all the possible kinds of bags in your wardrobe. Who are relevant bags made of natural materials - cotton, linen. At the same time, sewn products made from synthetic fabrics flashy colors.

Still fashionable invented in the 60th year of the 20th century handbags made of genuine leather, decorated with fur and other expensive materials. Fashion bags of various sizes, colors and styles. All that is a modern woman, is relevant and fashionable name for her. Including widespread now the so-called «hand-made», when the bags are created with their hands out of scrap materials.

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