Fur accessories for everyday

Fur accessories for everyday
 The popularity of fur touches all areas of the fashion world - now relevant not only fur coats, jackets and shoes, are increasingly found fur accessories that look stylish, fashionable and luxury. Bracelets and pins, hats and bags, vests and other items of clothing decorated with the image of modern fashionistas.
 Fluffy hats can not be called a novelty - fur hats experienced the peak of its popularity a few years ago. Modern styles are dazzling variety - here and tall hats-hats, berets and modest sheared furs, fur cap and chic, decorated with shiny beads, laces and applique. Fur details interesting and original look with a knitted hat and stylish sheepskin cap, decorated with pompoms, give the image of provocative and immediate appeal.

The fur is back in fashion boa - capes of various shapes and lengths that can be easily transformed into a voluminous collars or tighten as required by the design of the dress. Boas worn with evening dresses, while playing on the contrast of materials - fur and velvet, satin or silk. Fur vests - the subject of a more everyday. You can wear a warm and spectacular vests with black turtleneck and a wool sweater, and if necessary, use them as an addition to fancy dress, brooch decorated with floors or slightly changing the design with the help of drawstrings.

Jewellery fur periodically appeared in the collections of designers, but lately hobby fur earrings, bracelets and necklaces became just the rage. Bright pieces of fur, or of long-cropped hair, decorated with exquisite jewelry - playful pompoms hanging tassels, fur balls, etc. Wear accessories such daring ladies can and with a business suit - it takes a special skill to reconcile fur brooches or earrings with strict office cloth jacket.

Fur handbags can be represented not only the individual elements - completely covered with hair model may not look less elegant and refined. But the combination of different textures, of course, will always be brighter - with rims, strips or squares of luxurious furs, leather straps and handles with suede handbags trimmed with genuine mink or chinchilla, you can always count on the envious looks and universal admiration. Even small details of fur will make a boring bag simple form bright, interesting and always elegant.

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