White color in your house

White color in your house
 White color at all times was considered the most simple and even boring, but this is not true. It is impossible to imagine the interior, wherever it was not white. This room presented itself to a very gloomy light, does not inspire any positive. So this color plays an important role in interior design.

Excess white leads to an association with hospital wards, which in itself can inhibit. But if you add in the white paint a slightly different color, for example, light pink or beige shade, it will give the room a wonderful warmth. White walls - always a win-win for small rooms. He makes them visually more. Not accidentally ceiling almost always chosen this color - the higher the ceiling, the easier it is to breathe.

Designers know how well the white color in the interior animates it. White wall - an indispensable background for works of art. The picture seems to be more attractive if it is against a background that does not contract the attention on himself.

But it does not necessarily make the walls white. This color can be used to dilute the remaining colors. For example, a white pattern on a dark carpet will give life room.

In the eastern interior of the white color is used to balance the dark colors. It symbolizes the male Yang energy, without which, according to Eastern philosophy, not harmony in the home.

The white color is best to use as edging. If the walls are painted in cream or bluish color, bright white baseboards to the floor and ceiling will make the walls visually brighter and darker. The furniture also used this technique successfully. Prefabricated countertops too much to gain from a white finish.

White color in the interior may be present subtly, lifting mood and eliminating oppressive effect of the dark elements of the decor. He is indispensable for room decoration accessories. Marble statue or white porcelain vase - very refined and subtle elements that can transform the decor of the room.

White color is needed in interior design, as well as all the other colors. Only need to wisely allocate it to the design elements, and your room will not be boring or too simple.

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