Interior style: Constructivism

Interior style: Constructivism
 The history of the emergence of constructivism is closely linked with attempts to counter the Soviet Union's domestic interiors luxurious bourgeois styles. Constructivism began to appear in the same type of architecture and gradually penetrated into the home styles, bribing its simplicity, functionality and utility.
 Modern constructivism manifests itself in a clear rational use of space, strict geometric forms, pure colors, there is no fine scenery. Here, everything is subordinated to the idea of ​​design - multifunctional furniture, lack of smooth, romantic, floral and plant motifs. All elements of the rich decoration perceived as unnecessary and completely unusable - what to spend money on the stucco and gilt, in a practical sense if the benefit from them no no.

Constructivism in the interior can not be called boring and monotonous - that modern motives compel rational style becomes bright, surprise and provoke. In this case, the interior does not lose its main focus, but it looks fresh and relevant - the bright colors of individual elements, unexpected asymmetry details, interesting lighting. Artificial lighting - one of the key emphases of constructivism. Light sources should be a lot, but they should be placed in the most unexpected places - lamp simple form with triangular lampshades hanging from the ceiling is not in the center and slightly to the side; wall sconces mounted in the free wall; many small, bright light bulbs screwed into a suspended ceiling in a chaotic manner, etc. Quite simply, no pretentiousness and shocking, but so much cheerfulness in themselves combinations of shapes and colors, the room looks modern look.

For simplicity imaginary style hides an elaborate layout - Built-sectional furniture and even allows you to equip a small space as comfortable and functional. The materials used - concrete, glass, brick - allow you to play on the contrast and bright colors and original textures make the interior futuristic and ethereal.

From a small number of accessories stand abstract geometric compositions, vases and lamps strict direct forms, wall painting avant-garde. Windows curtained simple self-colored curtains or blinds covered - their role as an element of the interior is small. The walls of one color, geometric tiled tiles or parquet. A little cold in the interior will appeal to those who most appreciate the industrial and high technology.

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