How to care for wooden furniture

How to care for wooden furniture
 Today objects made of wood becomes a real luxury. Tree - a living material, so the room where there is a good-quality wood furniture, create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. To this furniture is preserved as long as possible, it is necessary for the gentle care.
 The first thing you must remember that the main enemy of wooden furniture - is moisture. Poet put tables and shelves to hang from a tree in the bathroom is not desirable. If the room is constantly changing humidity levels, items will then swell, then desiccate. Also, it is better not to put the fireplace and radiators that there is no peresushka tree.

If you have a wooden table, be sure to use the stand for hot dishes. This will protect furniture from heat that comes from the hot dishes. In addition, if you accidentally spill the contents of the cup - it will not harm the surface. You can put pretty napkins and a vase with flowers. If, however, you do not keep, and a trace of hot dishes remained on the table - do not worry. Take a little vegetable oil, soak a cotton ball and wipe the stain to its complete disappearance.
During the cleaning and repair of gently move the furniture so as not to undermine the legs. The table does not lift for worktop, and the legs, lift the seat for the seat.

 Dusting, each lift the statue, and do not move along the surface of the shelves. To effectively get rid of dust, use a special microfibre cloth. They are anti-static and attract dust particles. In addition, fine microfiber polishing surface.

To clean dust from the small decorative details: carved frames, handles seats, backs of chairs, good to use wipes that do not leave lint behind. Today, the market can find special cellulose wipes are ideal for such cases. They gently clean a wide variety of areas.

To preserve the luster of furniture, which is covered with varnish, polishes better to use wood. If the surface formed scratches furniture light wood use beeswax. Carefully seal the scratch, level special spatula, and then apply polish. For dark furniture is more suitable iodine - he will do almost imperceptible all formed flaws.
If you are careful and take care of the wooden furniture, just clean it from dust, then it will serve not only you but also your children and even grandchildren.

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