"Cosmetics" for an apartment for the New Year

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 By New Year's holidays taken to restore order in the house - get rid of unnecessary things, do small cosmetic repairs, decorating the house with Christmas items. The central element of Christmas decorations should be a tree - green, fluffy beauty.
 If there is an opportunity to update the interior for the winter - change the curtains, covers for upholstered furniture, carpet on the floor. Replacing the textile elements considered the easiest solution to give the room a certain style.

Festive decoration of the house depends on how you feel about anxiously for the New Year. If for you it's just an excuse to relax, it will be enough to hang on a door wreath of fir branches and put a couple of candles. But if the Christmas and New Year for a symbol of magic and fairy tales, let your home become a charming gingerbread house.

Spruce - a symbol of the New Year, so fir branches should be plenty. Use this item to decorate arches and doorways, put on the window to bowl with the compositions of dried flowers, tinsel and fir branches. Construct of twisted straw wreath, decorate it with small flowers, figurines of angels, Christmas balls and hang over the entrance to your home.

Lighting should be subdued, so arrange the lighting in the room, and best of all - use candles. Evenings spent in a room with lit candles create a dreamy and peaceful atmosphere, you will remember for a long time. Work on candlesticks - seal them with foil, wrap with colored paper, set them figures of angels, wings and so on. In the center of the New Year's table, too, let flaunts big Christmas candle decorated with satin wreath.

Decorating the Christmas tree - in some families it is a real ritual. If you keep and carefully transfer the old Christmas decorations, your tree will be the vintage and attractive. Green beauty can be decorated with "snow" - moisten branches strong salt solution and in the morning on spruce legs will show off tiny crystals. Decorate the tree with your hands can be fixed with improvised means - more chocolates and figures cut out of paper garlands twisted wire bells decorated with shiny foil, etc. Do not forget to decorate the top of the Christmas tree - gold or red star, interesting pendants.

The windows can be decorated themed curtains or paint the corners of the glass images of frost patterns. With this training you will be able to create a home New Year's holiday mood and comfort.

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