Chinese style in the interior

Chinese style in the interior
 Looking at the interior of the home person, you can learn about their interests, tastes and preferences. Proponents of color Eastern culture often choose Chinese style, which combines the simplicity and the large number of accessories.
 The easiest way to make housing oriental flavor - filled home accessories. It can be traditional paper products and reeds, Peking Opera masks, traditional and progressive Chinese painting, curtains with the characters in the doorways, figurines Chinese mandarins, vases and more. However, to recreate the interior of this Chinese decorative techniques is not enough.

Get the personal use of a small corner of China can only be completely refurbished space at home. When zoning dwellings in traditional Chinese style, the central room should make a living, and on the periphery of the room - bedroom. In addition, for the better use of the space to create many Chinese like niches and arches, which are placed in shelves, mirrors, glass, screens and more.

Great importance in the Chinese interior color plays. Red symbolizes the element of fire, yellow or gold - the color of power, the blue - it's the air, the symbol of nobility and wealth, green - a symbol of hope and peace. Wallpaper for the walls is best to choose red, muted shades or purple. Drawing on them should be made in the form of a pattern of birds, dragons, pine trees, mountains and clouds of golden or cream.

Furniture should be simple forms and have no sharp elements. Teak, rosewood and ebony, bamboo - that's ideal for the situation in the Chinese style. To decorate furniture and other interior items, you can choose a rich carving or inlay. Classic interior - black lacquer furniture with gold thread.

An essential element in the Chinese style house - house plants. Ideally, this should be bamboo shoots in the tub floor, bright chrysanthemums in small pots and pink peonies in a vase. A wall niche should decorate bonsai.

The final touch - the traditional Chinese accessories. Some of them are real works of art and quite functional. For example, small silk fence decorated with painted or embroidered. They share the room into zones and may be used as background. Is very popular and a special kind of art - calligraphy. Images of characters, symbolizing wealth, health and prosperity, painted on fabric, glass, wood, ceramics, etc. Be sure your home has to attend the revered image of the Chinese dragon - in a pattern, ornament or figurines made of jade. The kitchen is entirely appropriate to put Sake set and tea for green tea. Since the eastern interior is designed for people who like contemplation and reflection, decorate the room fountains, Chinese bells "music of wind" aquariums.

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