Work or life?

Work or life?
 Man is a creature who needs a certain list of requirements. Required of them - the need for food, water and clothes. To some of the people that is not enough, because the need to satisfy the desire to read a favorite book or watching educational films. To the man had everything he wants, he needs to work and receive a monetary reward. And the more a man of desires, the more he has to spend time at work.

Probably not a man on earth who has never in his life did not work. Well, except for those unfortunates who acquire a disability and are listed with disabilities. It is impossible to imagine humanity without going to work and perform their duties. How did the work can affect family relationships?

Here a double edged sword. On the one hand in family relations husband - earner funds for their loved ones. A man must be sure that his family in no need of his earned enough money to pay for an apartment, buying food and clothing that can be pamper their household. But it happens that such thoughts wife visited only theoretically. But in practice, he is in no hurry to find a suitable job. As a result, relations between spouses deteriorate sharply. Of course, the wife tries to help his handpicked in finding the right job. But if the husband has no desire to apply for a vacancy, the family runs the risk of collapse. After earning a spouse may not be enough for the needs of the family, and contain a dependent in the face of her husband's inconvenient and inefficient. Such a man loses its importance in the eyes of women.

But perhaps a completely different situation in which the husband becomes a slave to his place of work. He is not sleeping, not eating, not notice anyone around. This man is far from family problems and the taste of the joy of life. He just spend days and nights working, thinking that in this way it will provide everything necessary for his family. But the love of children, moments of happiness and grief with his wife can not buy for any money in the world. Just one moment of discord in the family will come, the wife finds a caring man and patron, and the children of another father. And then all that for which tried and lived spouse becomes irrelevant.

Between work and family relationships a person must find a middle ground that will allow to combine the care of relatives and friends, and achieve career growth.

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